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About Us


To provide simple, understandable, and economical yet, efficient which results in customer's increased productivity and profitability with best serves froms our side.

Company Profile

"Pa -Drill" is a venture of K.M.Panchal & Co. It was an effort of Mr. Kantibhai Panchal in 1986, to offer qualitative range in DRILLING machines.

PADMAVATI ENGINEERING WORKS, one of the India's largest Drilling range manufacturer company, has marked his distinguished position in rest of its kind. Mr. Kantibhai Panchal has pioneered in india, an astonishing maximum number of Drilling products and innovative Drilling applications.

"Pa-Drill" has long grown out of its "SERVICE PROVIDING NATURE" in to a smart business partner, a proactive market catalyst for companies paving a new way to its concerned industries in India signifacntly.

"Pa-Drill" possess aggressive, hard-core technical and loyal staff to satisfy your needs rapidly. We make sure that, the technology and quality gap between it and others were never filled; that the company was always 12 months & a dozen times designs ahead.

Quality, Just-in-Time, Low Lead Time, Ecocnomy in rate and materials are the buzz words for us, which had make consistent brand image at domestic and international markets.

At the end of 20th year, today we are in a excellent position to make our good business better and hence we are currently growing at very very healthy rate. Our hard-working, talented and well-reputed dealers had given a long-term boost to our product.


To ensure accuracy, Pa-drill manufactures all critical components in-house using dedicated state-of-the-art specially designed machine tools. We use the latest lean manufacturing methods and just-in-time production practices to streamline production capabilities and reduce costs. We work on imported Gear shaper machines and imported broaching machines to ensure close quality control for gears and six spline slots. Each components are checked for its quality, precision and accuracy level at each stage of manufacturing. Strict quality check make the final product with better accuracy. This, combined with highly trained workers for mechanical assembly, allows Pa-drill to control quality, cost, reliability, and availability. The resulting savings and increased quality are passed on to the customer and dealers in the form of lower prices and better products.


Most of operations during manufacturing are carried out on Imported machines. Quality checks are done with GO- NO GO gauges and air gauges also. Testing of machines are strictly done on testing facility according to IS standards.


Additional packaging of special wood crating, boxest required for machines shipping outside of INDIA. That protects the machine until it reaches its end destination. All special woods are fumigated and even marked with ISPM 15 upon request. Mostly we exports to Australia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, U. A. E., Jordan, Malaysia, Nepal and many other countries.